Main Designer M28 - Mariusz Kubryn

1. Why did you decide to work in PZL Mielec?
This was a consequence of teenage interests, and chosen field of study - Aviation at Technical University of Rzeszów, which naturally turned my steps in 2000 towards PZL Mielec
2.  What was the confrontation of your ideas about the work with the reality?
A young man comes after graduation to work "green." He has to gain work experience and maturity. The better the conditions for this "maturation" the greater the fruit is…
Working in PZL is my first job, so my vision of reality completely formed here in Mielec.
However, the key issue in the early career is the involvement of a young employee in a specific range of tasks. It must check itself at a given position, must feel the purpose of work and benefit from it for the rest of the team. Then the process of "maturation" will be held for the benefit of both parties: the employee and supervisor. I experienced just such a controlled "maturation," which probably came out on my health.
3.  What is the most important for you in the work in PZL Mielec?
Contact with people, who prove their professionalism and engagement in everyday job
4.    How do you imagine work in PZL for 5-10 years?
The aviation industry has fascinated and inspired people since its early years. The first flights aroused euphoria in the audience. Successes like historical designers Żwirko and Wigura made nation proud. The aviation industry has been propelled the country's economy and the need of using modern technology has appeared in aviation, where was then taken up in other industries. Aviation has always been the engine of science and industry. I would love to see PZL Mielec for 5-10 years in such a role and take an active part in it.
5.  Why is worth to work in PZL?
because in my mind we are trying to build the future and create history every day
6How would you encourage someone to work in PZL?
Aviation is a very demanding field, but also very rewarding. The possibility to track the process of creation of structures from the first mark on paper for future participation in trials on the fly gives incredible satisfaction.
In Mielec, when a plane flies over the city, most people raises their heads to see their own work or work their friends
The connection with aviation feels at every step! If anyone wants to participate in that I have no more to add.
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