Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp. z.o.o. as a manufacturer of world recognized agricultural aircraft, provider of local transportation and cargo, special operations, and pilot training is fully aware that its responsibility for occupational safety, health, and environmental protection constitutes an indispensable part of business management. Number of initiatives have been undertaken aimed at protecting the lives and health of workers as well as other individuals whom might be at risk during work.

Our company commits to:
• Continuous improvement activities aimed at maintaining and improving the current state of health, safety and environmental protection.
• Compliance with legislation on Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and other company specific requirements including corporate standards provided by Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin Corporation
• Minimizing and preventing accidents, potential incidents, any kind of injury by eliminating and reducing hazards in the workplace.
• Implementation of environmentally safe and efficient working methods and production processes.
• Avoidance of contamination of the environment through the identification and prevention of existing and potential adverse effects on the environment.
• Reduction of environmental impacts through:


1. Reducing air emissions
2. Limiting the generation and transfer of noise into the environment
3. Conservation of soil, surface water and groundwater
4. A rational/sustainable management of waste, segregation, recycling, waste treatment
5. Rational use of raw materials, water and media

PZL Mielec and Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company will not be satisfied until its workplace is safe from hazards, its employees are injury free, its products and services are safe, and its involvement in environmental protection is unmatched.
Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company will ensure that environment, health and safety become integral components of all business processes that impact the product, services and operations of Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company worldwide.

Joint involvement in activities surrounding health and safety in a workplace will allow anticipated success which is why all employees should feel responsible for creating a safe company.


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