Aviation business was carried on by Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp. z o.o. (the new PZL, a Limited Liability Company) established on October 19, 1998. The Facility first leased, then purchased production rights to M18 "Dromader", M28 and M26 "Iskierka" aircraft, continued to provide product support of the M20, An-28 and An-2 as well as spare parts supply for the same. In 2004 the Facility entered a period of relative stability, based on its aircraft production line of the M28, M28 "Bryza", M18 "Dromader" and M26 "Iskierka" and its increasing participation in the international industrial cooperation programs as sub-contractor for major aircraft manufacturers worldwide.


To move forward, however, the Company needed new investment into its manufacturing infrastructure, new products and access to advanced technology. PZL Mielec attracted attention of United Technologies Corporation, who looked for extra capacity for one of its member companies - Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. As a result, on March 16, 2007 United Technologies Holdings S.A. (a UTC Company) finalized purchase of 100% of PZL shares from the Industrial Development Agency (ARP S.A.). Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a world leader in helicopter manufacture and service opened a new chapter in the history of aviation business in Mielec. Through the modernization work carried out in 2007/2008, PZL entered a fast track of transformation into a first-class supplier for international aerosapce industry. Concurrently with the modernization, new systems and standards were implemented to ensure enhanced work safety and security , high quality, improved environment protection and working condition.


Now, as Mielec celebrates the 80th anniversary of the first aviation-industry establishement, PZL Mielec faces new challenges and opportunities. With its manufacturing tradition rooted in fixed-wing aircraft production, the Mielec Facility is building its new capacity in helicopter manufacture. Only a modern organization can cope with the challenge, based on state-of-the-art and the new corporate culture developed and accepted by its employees. The dynamic and positive change is visible in all aspects and areas throughout the Company. 


Continuous improvement, implementation of the latest tools in increasing productivity and general efficency of the company to meet the requirements of the highest industry standards worldwide. In a long perspective, PZL Mielec wants to operate so well, as to be able to forecast and create the reality, win the trust of its shareholders and customers alike in the quality and reliability of PZL's products.  


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