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BLACK HAWK Helicopter Versatility Demonstrated At Medical Evacuation Conference


BLACK HAWK Helicopter Versatility Demonstrated At Medical Evacuation Conference


MIELEC, Poland, September 27, 2016 – The versatility of the PZL Mielec built BLACK HAWK helicopter was  demonstrated at a major medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) conference held at Poland’s Deblin Air Base on September 29-30.


 “Today’s battlefield and defence budgets demand the presence of aircraft that can complete any mission and is both easy to operate and easy to maintain in the field,” said Janusz Zakrecki, president and general director PZL Mielec. Designed specifically as a military helicopter, rather than adapted from a civil helicopter type, BLACK HAWK answers this need through its versatility, dependability and performance even when operating in the harshest of environments.”

In its MEDEVAC configuration, the dependable and rugged BLACK HAWK provides aerial medical support and ambulance-style patient transport services, allowing comprehensive modern emergency medical transport, even from a forward deployed engagement location, to hospital facilities, no matter how distant.

As a military platform, BLACK HAWK helicopters are often called upon to airlift casualties within what is known as the ‘golden hour’, the timeframe in which prompt medical treatment can prevent death.

The MEDEVAC BLACK HAWK can be fitted with up to six patient rescue stations. It features medical crew seats, armour floor protection, an environmental control system, portable electrocardiogram (EKG) machines, defibrillators, suction units, portable oxygen bottles and patient monitors. To locate and rescue patients from the air, the aircraft can employ an infra-red electro-optical system and personnel locator system and an integrated electrical rescue hoist.

Crewed by a team of four, including pilot and co-pilot, the MEDEVAC BLACK HAWK when fitted with four patient rescue stations can still accommodate up to five troops. It is capable of emergency evacuation missions even under difficult weather conditions, at hot/high altitudes and during day and night operations.

The PZL Mielec-built BLACK HAWK helicopter, including the MEDEVAC variant which will displayed at Deblin Air Academy, can perform military missions as well as search and rescue operations and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. It combines advanced technological enhancements, including powerful engines and an improved rotor system, with useful load and cabin space to perform multiple roles with equal excellence. 

Already sustaining jobs for more than 1,550 workers at PZL Mielec and thousands more in the Polish supply chain, the BLACK HAWK is available for international military customers as well as government agencies worldwide. Earlier this month, Chile selected the S-70i to meet its multi-mission needs, becoming the sixth export customer for PZL Mielec facility, which is one of Poland’s biggest exporters of defence products. PZL Mielec, is part of Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company.

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