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Polish-built S-70i Black Hawk helicopter on MSPO 2017



Polish-built S-70i Black Hawk helicopter on  MSPO 2017


During the Kielce show, PZL Mielec presents the Black Hawk search and rescue and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) helicopter. The machine has both medical equipment and armament in the form of two Miniguns 7.62 mm. 


The Black Hawk aircraft manufactured in Mielec is shown in a configuration designed to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield or to support emergency operations during natural disasters. It is equipped with an integrated medical equipment package for evacuation missions.


In combat conditions, the helicopter can take from one to three wounded on the stretcher in the MEDEVAC version that was presented. It is also possible to install six stretcher on a special rack in the variant of the transport of injured persons, with the exception of additional options. The helicopter also has safety seats for medical staff, reinforced flooring, environmental control and integrated winch.


Despite the role of evacuation, the helicopter has combat capabilities, due to its two 6-cylinder M-134D machine guns, a 7.62 mm caliber minigun and an optoelectronic head located under the bow. Within a few hours the medical helicopter can be reconfigured into a version armed with steered and unmanned rockets and guns.



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