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PZL Mielec took a part in Bydgoszcz Air Fair 2019


May 17-19, 2019 - In the Military Aviation Works No. 2 (WZL No. 2) facility based in Bydgoszcz was organized the 12th edition of the AIR FAIR exhibition.


This edition was attended by about 100 companies form all over the world. These companies represent the aviation sector, both military and civilian. PZL Mielec together with LM Aeronautics was present and promote how LM is supporting Poland’s national defence and security needs. During the show, our key products S-70i BH and M28 Bryza were promoted as well as F-35 aircraft.  


Air Fair tradition is to award companies for exceptional achievements in the field of innovation. This year, the 1st grade statuette was received by Lockheed Martin for realization of offset programs increasing servicing capabilities of the Polish aviation industry.  Artur Wojtas, Member of the PZL Board, collected the award on behalf of LM.


Lockheed Martin Corporation was the head Sponsor of the exhibition.

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