Consortium of Sikorsky Aircraft and PZL Mielec and Global Supplier Network will Partner with WZL-2 in Bydgoszcz


The Consortium of Sikorsky Aircraft and PZL Mielec and its global supplier network  announced on Tuesday March 24th an agreement with WZL-2 in Bydgoszcz concerning future cooperation if the BLACK HAWK platform wins the Multi-Role Helicopter tender for the Polish Ministry of Defense.  The agreement is the part of the strategic partnership built together with PGZ (Polish Armament Group) companies to support the Polish Armed Forces.


The agreement provides the establishment at WZL-2’s plant in Bydgoszcz the capability to perform service and repair of vital parts, systems and components, such as the Multi Function Displays, Embedded GPS Inertial (EGIs), and other units responsible for flight management system of the helicopters.  Under the program, Sikorsky Aircraft and PZL Mielec are supported by its key suppliers, including Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Parker and CMC Electronics.


“We are pleased and excited to announce the potential expand the BLACK HAWK network of suppliers and partners that will benefit from a BLACK HAWK selection for Poland’s Multi-Role Helicopter,” shares Janusz Zakrecki, President & General Director of PZL Mielec.  “The inclusion of WZL-2 in the program will further strengthen Poland’s defense industry, as well as help meet the Polish Armed Forces’ goal of self-sustainment of their helicopters.  We look forward to a BLACK HAWK selection and the many years of close collaborations with WZL-2.” 


For WZL-2, it will expand their technology and competences in the field of aircraft service and repairs, upgrades and replacement of machines, devices and testing equipment, and most importantly  continue to grow the capabilities for servicing modern helicopter components and systems.  The acquired competences are also the chance for WZL-2 to join to the global support and service network of Sikorsky Aircraft and achieve in the future opportunity for providing improvements and modernization to the worldwide fleet of BLACK HAWK helicopters.


If the Consortium of Sikorsky and PZL Mielec win the tender, WZL-2 will join other PGZ companies to key program members involved in the performance of service, repair, modernization and maintenance of BLACK HAWK helicopters.  By gaining this capability, WZL-2 has a potential to become a regional repair center for the operating fleet of Sikorsky helicopters from the Central and Eastern Europe.


Under the program, WZL-2 will obtain significant investment through the transfer of modern technologies, the completion of a comprehensive training package for its employees, as well as the supply and upgrade of equipment and facilities related to the field of modernization, repair and support of the S-70i ™ BLACK HAWK and the S-70B ™ SEAHAWK®.



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