Bryza stationed in Crakow in Action “Heart”


Bryza stationed in Crakow in Action “Heart”


On  March 20th the crew of M28 Bryza from 8th Aviation Transport Base in Cracow made next flight as part of the Action “Heart” to rescue human  life.


Pilots  from Cracow carried medical specialists and organs eligible to transplant between Poznan and Lublin. This allowed to precisely rip work of medical teams in both cities, thanks to that time of the removal organs from the donor to the implantation to the recipient was maximally shortened, which has decisive meaning in transplantation.


Doing this task, the plane and its crew spent in the air more than 4 hours.


Action “Heart” is performed by military aviators since 1988. Pilots for this occasion keep in constant readiness to fly one aircraft with the crew and service. Thanks to them several hundred of people got a chance for a new life.



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