PZL Mielec/Sikorsky Aircraft and Rzeszow University of Technology are forming a Consortium of Science-Industry



29 April 2015 – Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp. z o. o. and Rzeszow University of Technology, together with other technical universities signed an agreement about creation a Consortium of Science-Industry "Lot-Virtual-Lab". Its purpose will be create conditions for the development and efficient use of design technology of 3D in products of Polish aviation industry, as well as closer cooperation between technical universities and industry and exploit synergies of these environments.


The agreement is an expression of understanding, both universities and PZL Mielec, that there is need to develop cooperation between technical universities and representatives of national industry in the field of 3D design. The primary purpose of the agreement will be to implement research and development project under the working title "Scattered Laboratory for Enlarged and Virtual Reality in Needs of Aviation and Space" (Lot-Virtual-Lab) at the Competence Centre "Road to Space" coordinated by Rzeszow University of Technology in collaboration with the Institute of Technology and Innovation (IATI).


The creation of the Consortium shows the direction which should aim common actions Polish technical universities and industry. In the opinion of representatives of academia and the domestic industry, it is the only chance to raise spending on research and development, which in Poland are still among the lowest in Europe. According to the Eurostat report (from November 2014) in 2013 Poland spent on research and development projects 3.4 billion, which was 0.87% of Polish GDP. Meanwhile, the average for the whole European Union was more than twice as high and amounted to 2.02%.


The first signatories of the agreement were Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Mielec and Rzeszow University of Technology. To the agreement acceded also AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Wroclaw University of Technology.


According to the signed agreement, the parties pledged to take joint actions to initiate creation of facilities design and creation of conditions for the development of 3D technology by educating future engineers, opening a teaching studio, as well as laboratories and incubators, specializing in 3D studies. Thanks to these actions will be possible directly transfer of knowledge from universities to industry and shorten realization for new implementations developed at universities.


 - 3D technology is the future of the aviation industry, that is why we are particularly keen on cooperation with scientific institutions in their development. Today's agreement will help to systematize and focus  our joint activities, that their effects will be measurable for both sides - said Janusz Zakręcki, president of the Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze.


Agreement was signed by Janusz Zakrecki, President of the PZL Mielec, and prof. Marek Orkisz, rector of the Rzeszow University of Technology. In the signing ceremony attended also Bogdan Ostrowski, Technical Director of PZL Mielec, and prof. Leonard Ziemiański, vice-rector for research.

- The appointment today consortium Lot-Virtual-Lab is a big step forward in the cooperation of the Polish industry with science. This is also another step in the construction in PZL Mielec world-class center of excellence 3D design that has already started activity. We are proud that Sikorsky could be part of this project and supports it with their experience - said Mike Ambrose, vice president of Sikorsky Aircraft.


In addition to the integration of the scientific community with industry, creation of consortium "Lot-Virtual-Lab" also means forming new opportunities for current and future students.


 - The project will open the door of companies of national aviation branch for students who want to broaden their knowledge in 3D design. Thanks to started activities, students will have the opportunity to participate in developing practical solutions for industry as well as they will have possibility contact with the engineers-practices - said prof. Marek Orkisz, Rector of Rzeszow University of Technology.


For industry, this is the natural creation of future personnel, with sought skills of 3D design.


The initiative is open to cooperation with other institutions, companies and organizations, in particular with SMES enterprises interests in design and 3D technology, or companies providing services in the field of design and 3D technology or expanding activity to 3D design, manufacturers and distributors of 3D software, industrial clusters, transfer centers , business incubators and engineering and expert associations.



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