Aviation class with the patronage of PZL Mielec


Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze took the patronage of the class from the technical school  in Mielec, which educates future mechanic technicians for the aviation industry. On the 8th of May this year were signed a cooperation agreement due to which students will gain additional professional competencies useful in the aviation industry.


The agreement was signed by President of the Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Janusz Zakręcki, Mielec District Governor Zbigniew Tymuła, technical school director Mariusz Wojciechowski and Director of the local training center (Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego i Doskonalenia Nauczycieli) Zdzislaw Nowakowski.

The signatories of the document declared to take joint action to enable students to gain additional skills that are useful in the aerospace industry, in particular in the Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze.


- This agreement does not only meet the needs of students and the education area, but also will bring benefits to PZL Mielec and other aerospace companies from our region - said Janusz Zakrecki, Chairman of the PZL. - Thanks to that technical education will be better matched to the needs of the local labor market. In recent years, PZL Mielec took an active part in development of education. We are always openly talked about employees which we need and in what direction vocational training should go. It is important that young people should be well prepared for work - said Janusz Zakrecki.


Effective cooperation of the PZL Mielec with high schools and universities, the promotion and implementation of vocational training has been appreciated by the Minister of Economy Janusz Piechocinski, who admitted PZL Mielec special award. It was received by President Janusz Zakrecki during the Mielec Science Festival “Leonardo”. Minister of Economy award is given to businesses, schools and educational institutions by the promotion and development of cooperation between schools and employers in vocational training.


The agreement provides many benefits for students of class covered by the patronage of PZL Mielec. Engineers from PZL Mielec will give classes, will consult the curriculum and will support the students' professional projects. In addition, PZL Mielec will fund scholarships to the 3 best students with the highest average of vocational and science subjects (from 3rd class). PZL Mielec also declared priority of employment for graduates with top assessments, and will ensures possibility of continuation of education at extramural studies. The company will also start work on the innovative system of organization of apprenticeships, which will rely on a combination of observation of production processes in PZL Mielec and practical learning in laboratories of local training center.


As part of the agreement, PZL Mielec will also turn up in the process of training teachers of vocational education, inter alia: through the organization of study visits in Mielec factory and UTC companies in Poland, the organization of lectures by specialists from PZL Mielec and study as part of CEKSO.


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