Bryza in Operational Command’s exercises


Bryza in Operational Command’s exercises


Reconnaissance Bryza recognized the oil platform mastered by terrorists. This was the task, that the crew of 44th Naval Air Base had to completed during exercises Operational Command Branches of Armed Forces under the codename Renagade-Kaper 15/1. Exercises held on early May this year.


The scenario of the maneuvers assumed among other things terrorist attacks on objects in the sea and the city center by captured plane.


Maritime episode of exercise simulated self-control oil rig by an armed group of terrorists. The first participants of this part of the maneuvers were officers from the Maritime Border Guard who had to identify and neutralize the threat. The scenario assumed that the action will not bring any results, so the Minister of Foreign Affairs will ask the Minister of National Defence for support in resolving the crisis. Then to the action joined Special Forces and Navy Forces, which had recovered mastered by terrorists platform.


Reconnaissance aircrafts Bryza are from 44th Naval Air Base and they stationed at the airport in Siemirowice. Renagade-Kaper is a cyclical tactical-special exercise Operational Command of emergency response.



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