The power plant is a radial, air-cooled, piston, Asz-62IRM18 engine of 1000 HP takeoff power and a four-blade, all-metal dia. 3.3 m, constant-speed propeller.


The airplane standard radio/navigation system is compatible for VFR operation, night and day, meeting the requirements of FAR 91

Optionally, the following units are available:
  • KY 196A Comm Transceiver
  • Comm-Nav. Unit composed of Comm Transceiver and Course Indicator
  • ADF
  • Transponder
  • Artificial Horizon (with Turn-and-Bank Indicator)
  • Time Clock,
  • Flap Position Indicator
  • Fan in Cockpit
  • Inertia Safety Harness
  • Inertia Safety Harness with Lock
  • Fuel reserve warning system


To provide for operation in a variety of fire-fighting and ag missions, the airplane offers a choice of operational equipment, depending on Operator's specific requirement. The equipment can be installed/replaced by Operator and includes:

  • Extinguishing liquid foaming system
  • Medium & coarse droplet spraying system, two boom lengths
  • Big spreader
  • Gate-box, output adjustable on ground
  • ULV-spraying system, 10 atomizers
  • Multi-function fire-fighting system (water bomb dropping and drop-line application)
  • Anti-slosh baffles
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