Powerplant consists of two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65B turboprop engines, driving all-metal, five-blade constant-speed propellers with thrust reverse and feathering capability.

Max. Takeoff Power 1100 SHP constant up to + 50.5°C (123°F)
Max. Continuous Power 1100 SHP constant up to + 45.5°C (114°F)
Max. Cruise Power 1000 SHP constant up to +42.5°C (108°F)
& up to 1600 m altitude, ISA conditions
Max. Cruise Power (Climb) 1000 SHP constant up to 3,900 altitude (12,800 ft)
(extraordinary circumstances) ISA conditions
Five-blade, all-metal Hartzell  
HC-B5MP-3 propeller, dia. 2.82 m


The airplane flight and radio/navigation equipment provides for VFR and IFR flying capability, day and night.


Refuelling: conventional, through wing-installed fillers, or pressure/single-point, with double protection system against overfilling, and provisions for manual control of the tank filling. Main fuel tanks, together with two fuel feed pumps and fuel gauge senders are located in the outboard wings each. Auxiliary fuel tanks are those located in outboard wing tips and in centerwing.

The fuel tank capacities are:

- Main tanks in outboard wings - 1320 l.(348 US gal.)
- Auxiliary tanks in centerwing - 580 l. (153 US gal.)
- Auxiliary tanks in outboard wings - 378 l. (100 US gal.)

Total capacity of the fuel system amounts to 2278 liters (600 US gal.; 1765 kg).

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