Powerplant can feature two TWD-10B turboprop engines and three-blade AW24AN propellers or, in the latest model PZL-10S engines combined with five-blade Hartzell propellers.

Both engines, TWD-10B and PZL-10S, represent similar characteristics, which include:
  • Type: turboprop with a free turbine and extended propeller reduction gear
  • Takeoff Power at Prop Shaft: 960 SHP (705 kW)
  • Nominal (Rated) Power at Prop Shaft: 780 SHP (574 kW)
  • Operating Conditions - Ambient Temperature Range: -50°C ÷ 40°C
Propeller; Basic Data
  • Type: Tractor-type, with automatic and positive variable pitch, feathering and thrust reversible
  • Diameter: 2.8 m


The avionic equipment from Bendix/King provides for operation conditions under VFR / IFR, day and night, all-weather

conditions flying.


Fuel tanks, together with two fuel supply pumps in each engine and fuel gauge transmitters, are located inside both outboard wings and the centerwing. The corresponding fuel tank capacities are, as follows:

  • Fuel tanks in outboard wings - 1340 l. (353 US gal.)
  • Fuel tanks in centerwing - 620 l. (163 US gal.)

Total capacity of the fuel system is 1960 liters (516 US gal.).

The outboard-wing and centerwing tanks can be refuelled either through fillers or pressure-filled (single point or central refuelling). The pressure refuelling system is provided with a double protection system against overfilling, with an option for manual control of the tank filling.
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