• Machined cabin structure
  • Multi-functional and durable 300 psi cabin flooring
  • Two sliding cargo doors with pop-out egress windows
  • Crashworthy Pilot and Co-pilot seats
  • Two jettisonable cockpit doors
  • Three-point dual OLEO landing gear with kneeling capability
  • Active vibration control system
  • Wire strike protection system
  • Transition section equipment storage compartment
  • Foldable tail pylon for shipping and storage
  • Built-in work platforms, engine cowlings and hydraulic deck
  • Fly-away kit
  • FRIES and rappel mission provisions
  • Cabin interior sound-proofing panels
  • 13 troop Seat Provisitons
  • Integrated Vehicle Health Management System provisions
  • Exterior paint, single base color, flat


  • Four landscape multi-functional displays
  • Dual digital AFCS with coupled flight director
  • Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Dual embedded global positioning
  • Two UHF/VHF AM/FM radios
  • 3 station Crew digital ICS
  • Automatic direction finder

Powerplant and fuel system

  • Two T700-GE701D with D controls
  • Auxiliary power unit
  • Dual crashworthy and self-sealing fuel tanks, 360 Gallons
  • Left and right gravity refuel ports
  • Single point for close circuit and pressure refueling

Rotor and drive system

  • Ballistically tolerant and drive system Transmission
  • Four composite-titanium main rotor blades
  • Foldable main and tail rotor blades
  • Dual redundant and isolated flight controls
  • Rotor de-icing provisions


  • Retractable landing light
  • Controllable searchlight
  • NVG compatible formation lights
  • Portable maintenance light with three receptacles
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