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Designed to a strict military standard, the BLACK HAWK helicopter's ability to be quickly deployed and reconfigured has made this versatile aircraft a legend. Today, everywhere you look the BLACK HAWK is there; saving lives, providing support, and delivering the mission. The S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopter is the latest addition to this proud lineage of multi-mission aircraft that continues to serve 32 nations around the world. Ruggedly dependable and ready to respond, the BLACK HAWK helicopter has established itself as the right aircraft for any mission that requires success, everywhere... every time.


The modern S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopter incorporates advancements that connect this remarkable aircraft into the fast-pace, digital-information world that exists today. So whatever your missions, the BLACK HAWK helicopter will provide excellent support to your everyday needs. With its state-of-the-art and fully integrated digital glass cockpit, the S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopter will provide unprecedented situational awareness demanded by today's complex mission evvironments. Over 4,000 BLACK HAWK helicopters are in service today. Combined, they have flown over 10 million hours in the some of the most rigorous conditions known.


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